Match Deposit Bonuses: Activating Coupon Codes as a Client

One significant advantage you will have as a registered client at online casinos over fans of conventional operators, is regular access to free cash and free spins.

This is owing to the need for virtual betting establishments to increase their appeal to fans of online betting and encourage them to become committed clients who regularly place cash wagers when they visit.

The kinds of promotional offers tend to vary from one virtual betting establishment to another. Examples you can expect to find include welcome bonuses, ongoing promotional offers as well as tournament prizes.

It is worth noting that Canadian online casinos also offer match deposit bonuses which are another main category of offers and encompass several of the promotions mentioned above. We shall also be taking a look on how to activate coupon codes for these offers.

What Are Match Deposit Bonuses?

Match Deposit Bonus Codes

Promotional offers in this category are rewards which involve the online casino you are registered at providing you with free cash which is based on a percentage of a payment you have just made.

Because they require preliminary cash payments to be processed before they can be issued, they are also referred to as deposit offers, unlike no deposit rewards which are issued following the completion of the registration process without the need for any initial payments to be made.

As an online casino client, you are likely to encounter rewards in this category as either welcome or ongoing promotional offers.

Welcome Offers

Match Deposit Bonus Codes

Promotions made available to first-time clients of online casinos frequently take the form of match bonuses.

Depending on the betting establishment you happen to be registered at, you may receive a one-off payment, or a promotional offer broken down into a series of payments based on the percentage of the bonus and the amounts you pay into your wallet.

For example, a wagering website may offer newly registered players a 100% welcome offer of up to $100, while another may offer its new clients a 200% match offer of up to $250 for their first payment, and a 50% match offer of up to $150 for their second.

Reload Offers

Match Deposit Bonus Codes

If the betting operator you happen to be registered with is especially generous, you will most likely have the opportunity to benefit from rewards in this category when you process payments on set dates.

An example would be an online casino which offers returning clients a promotional offer of 50% for up to $50 for deposits made on the first of every month.

Rewards in the above category are generally available to any registered client who processes a deposit during the period the promotional offer is being provided by the online casino.

Others may be more exclusive and may include rewards provided to clients who top up using a particular payment method.

An example of match deposit bonuses which belong to this latter category would be a 100% offer for up to $150 provided to clients who process payments using Neteller on a particular day of the month.

Another example would be a 50% promotional offer for up to $300 offered to clients who process deposits using Bitcoin on a set day of the week or month.

Activating Promotional Codes

Like the majority of rewards provided by virtual betting establishments, match deposit bonuses are provided by means of coupons which may be emailed to you by your online casino, or simply accessed on its "Promotions" page.

Generally, these rewards can be activated by simply processing a deposit and keying in the code provided with the coupon. You will need to pay close attention to the instructions which come with each offer since the procedure may differ depending on the online casino you happen to be playing at.

Once you have completed the procedure, you should be able to head for your favorite tournament or game with the funds you need to provide you with the opportunity to bag a win.